Published Stories


My collection Uncommon Miracles is forthcoming from PS Publishing

Short Fiction

  • “Re-stitched.” Split Lip Magazine. Eds. Kaitlyn Andrews-Rice, Katie Flynn. Forthcoming. More info
    • “Schrödinger’s.” Interzone. Ed. Andy Cox. Forthcoming. More info
      • “The Rocket Farmer.” Interzone 271. Ed. Andy Cox. July 6, 2017. More info
        • “Raven Hair.” Cream City Review 41.1. Eds. Loretta McCormick, Ann-Marie Blanchard, Jenni Moody. April 1, 2017. More info
          • “Idle Hands.” New Haven Review Issue 019. Eds. Donald Brown, Nichole Gleisner, Carrie Nolte, Mark Oppenheimer, Brian Francis Slattery, John Stoehr, Sarah Pemberton Strong. February 18, 2017. More info
            • “The Woman in the Woods.” Necessary Fiction. Ed. Helen McClory. February 3, 2017. More info
              • “One Thousand Paper Cranes.” Kaleidotrope Winter 2017. Ed. Fred Coppersmith. January 7, 2017. More info
                • “Everyone Gets a Happy Ending.” Interzone 268. Ed. Andy Cox. December 19, 2016. More info
                  • “A Pinhole of Light.” Black Static 54. Ed. Andy Cox. August 31, 2016. More info
                    • “Holes in Heaven.” Isthmus No.4. Eds. Ann Przyzycki, Taira Anderson. January 7, 2016. More info
                      • “Holes in Heaven.” Eunoia Review. Ed. Ian Chung. October 5, 2016. Reprint. More info
                    • “Florida Miracles.” Interzone 261. Ed. Andy Cox. November 2, 2015. More info
                      • “The Thirteen Tuesdays of Saint Anthony.” Farrago's Wainscot. Ed. Darin Bradley. October 3, 2015. More info
                        • “The Re’em Song.” Interzone 258. Ed. Andy Cox. May 2, 2015. More info
                          • “The Re’em Song.” Far Fetched Fables. Ed. Gary Dowell. Forthcoming. Reprint. More info
                        • “Raising Babies.” Crack the Spine. April 8, 2015. More info
                          • “Pretty Little Boxes.” XIII : Stories of Transformation. Ed. Mark Teppo. March 20, 2015. More info
                            • “The Church of Forgotten Gods.” A cappella Zoo Issue 14. Ed. Collin Meldrum. January 3, 2015. More info
                              • “Ghost Bubbles.” Bartleby Snopes. Ed. Nathaniel Tower. October 16, 2014. More info
                                • “The Faces Between Us.” Interzone 254. Ed. Andy Cox. October 1, 2014. More info
                                  • “The Faces Between Us.” Podcastle 386. Eds. Rachael K. Jones, Graeme Dunlop. October 20, 2015. Reprint. More info
                                • “Faerie Medicine.” Flapperhouse #2. Ed. Joseph P. O’Brien. August 22, 2014. More info
                                  • “Faerie Medicine.” Lunar Station Quarterly 020. Ed. Jennifer Lyn Parsons. December 2, 2014. Reprint. More info
                                  • “Faerie Medicine.” Flapperhouse--Year One. Ed. Joseph P. O’Brien. February 1, 2015. Reprint. More info
                                  • “Faerie Medicine.” Gaia: Shadow & Breath Vol. 2. Ed. Sarah Read. June 5, 2015. Reprint. More info
                                • “Drinking Grandma’s Tea.” Bartleby Snopes. Ed. Nathaniel Tower. July 22, 2014. More info
                                • “Dried Skins Unshed.” Stupifying Stories. Ed. Bruce Bethke. March 1, 2014. More info
                                  • “Unmaking.” Weave Magazine Issue 9. Ed. Peter Kusnic. August 19, 2013. More info
                                    • “Unmaking.” Outpouring: Typhoon Yolanda Relief. Ed. Dean Francis Alfar. February 4, 2014. Reprint. More info
                                  • “The Death of Love Project.” Swamp Biscuits & Tea Issue 4. Eds. Henry Sane, Joseph German. May 1, 2013. More info
                                    • “Paradigm Shift.” Electric Velocipede 26. Ed. John Klima. March 1, 2013. More info
                                      • “China Island.” The Colored Lens. Eds. Dawn Lloyd, Daniel Scott. January 1, 2013. More info
                                        • “Finding Your Way to the Coast.” A cappella Zoo Issue 9. Ed. Colin Meldrum. September 3, 2012. More info
                                          • “Finding Your Way to the Coast.” BESTIARY: the best of the inaugural demi-decade of A cappella Zoo. Eds. Gina Ochsner, Colin Meldrum, Amanda DiSanto. March 21, 2013. Reprint. More info
                                        • “Crash Landing.” Flashquake. Ed. Cindy Bell. November 8, 2011. More info

                                          The Ever-so-helpful “Other” Category

                                          • “Drinking Grandma’s Tea” and “Ghost Bubbles” were part of the 2014 Art & Words Show at Art on the Boulevard.
                                          • “Drinking Grandma’s Tea” came second in Boskone’s 2014 Flash Slam competition.
                                          • “The Faces Between Us” and “Cat Logic” (later expanded into the story “Re-stitched”) were part of the 2013 Art & Words Show at Art on the Boulevard.
                                          • “Crash Landing” and “Paradigm Shift” were part of the 2012 Art & Words Show at Art on the Boulevard.