The Death of Love Project

The Death of Love Project

“The Death of Love Project”
Swamp Biscuits & Tea Issue 4
Eds. Henry Sane, Joseph German
May 1, 2013

First Lines

Until today, I never gave dark matter much thought. I’ve been focused on only two things: keeping my children close and finishing what my wife, Kirsten, termed the Death of Love Project.

As an entomologist I was always the suspect parent. “Biology is for fuzzy thinkers,” I once heard Kirsten tell the kids. I pretended not to notice when Thelma and Little Jack nodded their heads in agreement. I pretended not to notice a lot of things, like the lack of toys in the backyard and the lack of friends as well. Instead, the playroom contained a whiteboard with formulas and diagrams sketched in blue and the words “What’s Important” hand-lettered by Kirsten along the top.


The Journal

Swamp Biscuits & Tea is an online journal of imaginative short fiction. Though magic realism is our primary focus, our journal strives to coalesce an interesting variety of styles and genres, of strangeness and familiarity, into a weird and wonderful gumbo that is uniquely our own.

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