The Rocket Farmer

The Rocket Farmer

“The Rocket Farmer”
Interzone 271
Ed. Andy Cox
July 6, 2017


“a trippy little ride fusing rocket science with good ol’ southern-fried folksiness. The result is a character-rich story about family that delivers quite the emotional punch.”

Wayne Simmons,

“This glows alone, without need of rocket science….Multi-viewpointed, complete with mourning doves, Mongolian ancestry, oxygen candles, gunpowder cylinders, rocket blooms.”

Des Lewis, Dreamcatcher Real-Time Reviews


First Lines

“What’s up with those burn marks on the driveway?” David says. “I can setup the fire pit if you want.”

“No. Thanks.” Burn marks? I have no idea what he’s talking about. Not that I’m going to admit that particular fact, or any of the other “wrongness” that has invaded my life. These days I wake up sweat-soaked each morning from the same dream: a rocket-launch conflagration—my charred body no longer screaming beneath the flames.


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