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My weird, dark fantasy novella THE RAMPANT (Aqueduct Press) is a Lambda Literary Award finalist. My genre-bending debut collection UNCOMMON MIRACLES (PS Publishing) was praised by John Crowley, Kelly Link, Nathan Ballingrud, and Jeffrey Ford. I have also published in a wide variety of magazines, journals, and anthologies such as Black Static, The Dark, Cream City Review, Podcastle, Interzone, and the Cincinnati Review.

I’m currently at work on my novella MX. MEISSEN’S EYES.

In my life behind the publishing curtain, I’m publisher and editor in chief of Essential Dreams Press, originally an imprint of Reckoning Press and now an independent publisher. In that capacity I’ve acted as series editor for the Dreams anthology series, including the themed charity anthology WEIRD DREAM SOCIETY (Reckoning Press, 2020) and the second book in the themed anthology series, DREAMS FOR A BROKEN WORLD (Essential Dreams Press, 2022). All proceeds for both anthologies go to a charity associated with that specific book. Each book in the ongoing series attempts to create something powerful while also attempting to do good.

I like standing desks, dark, almost-bitter chocolate, and friends I can’t remember living without. I have the same short hair I wore as a girl and the same brown-hazel eyes as my brother, my mother, and my youngest child, though only my mother’s eyelashes are as short as mine.

This is also me. I was born in the North of England but moved to Indiana when I was six. I now live in a small town in New England with my family and a menagerie of variously sized animals. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from USM’s Stonecoast program and a M.S. in Microbiology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Some days I work as an IT Business Analyst, trying to place words around what will eventually become bits of compiled code. Computer people are fascinating. They build these amazing virtual frameworks, like the one I’m using to publish these words. They understand when you get awkward and “babbley” and wander from the seemingly obvious path.

When not translating technical ideas into words, much of my attention is taken up with my own darkly weird fictions and the people I love. If you want to hear me speak, I hope you read my stories or books. If you want to hear my voice, feel free to listen to my podcasting adventures as a reader for the Small Beer Press Podcast, StarShipSofa, and various other audio magazines.



    I really enjoyed your presentation and discussion at the outer dark roundtable this evening, and I will be definitely checking your work out! Stay safe and healthy!


  2. Julie Day

    Thanks, Matt! After months without really getting much time away from home. It was a real boost to be talking with writers about writing…
    Enjoy the rest of the symposium!

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