Julie C. Day

Julie C. Day

"Her capacity for engaging bizarre ideas in the exploration of deeply felt and deeply damaged characters can be stunning."--Locus Magazine

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Novella: The Rampant

The Rampant (Aqueduct Press) is a 2020 Lambda Literary Award finalist. Paperback:  Amazon | PublishereBook: Amazon | Publisher Goodreads list. What Others Are Saying “Equal parts playful and heartbreaking, this apocalyptic novella offers one-of-a-kind answers about...

Collection: Uncommon Miracles

Hardcover:  Amazon| PublisherSigned Limited Edition: Publisher A grieving man travels through time via car crash. A family of matriarchs collects recipes for the dead. A woman gains an unexpected child in the midst of a bunny...

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Forthcoming Short Fiction

“Whole Bodies Are Never Left Behind.” Black Static 82/83.

Latest Short Fiction Publication

“We Girls: Stories of Driesch 4”

Read on the Vernacular Books website or Purchase ebook: Amazon

One in a set of interconnected stories set in the city of Driesch. In this cyberpunk-ish city, consciousness is a commodity. And the self is an augmented, fractured creation.

First Lines

The people of the city of Driesch are no different from other human beings. From their genesis, the personal memories of Driesch’s residents are tangled with sensory events: that first acrid scent of smoke as it rises from the factory’s soot-stained chimney is inexorably tied to the feel of your sweaty palm pressed to his—the two of you linked—as you listen to your Auntie’s quiet sobs. How could it be otherwise? Whether a Glassed mind, purely organic, or something in between, consciousness is a sensory experience. Loss and chemical smoke forever entangled. At least, until that particular snarl of personal memory and sensory input is excised, altered, intertwined with something new.

“Careful,” the man says. “Adjustment in progress.”

The Rampant: A Lambda Award Finalist

The Rampant (Aquaduct Press), my dark fantasy novella, was a 2020 Lambda Literary Award finalist.

Paperback:  Amazon | Publisher
eBook:  Amazon | Publisher

What others are saying

“Equal parts playful and heartbreaking, this apocalyptic novella offers one-of-a-kind answers about the end of the world…This clever and surprisingly fun take on the rapture is the perfect theological horror story.” 
— Publishers Weekly

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Paperback: $20.00
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Dreams for a Broken World (Dreams 2)

Release Date: November 1, 2022.

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"This anthology offers seriously admirable work. Highly recommended.”
-- Lightspeed Magazine

"24 impressive stories of healing and rebuilding...These hopeful stories offer something for any speculative fiction reader." --Publishers Weekly

Series Editor: Julie C. Day
Guest Editor: Ellen Meeropol

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