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“Julie C. Day’s stories are strongly strange, whether happening in a sort of now in this country or in a weirdly altered past. These stories seem to be what the term American Gothic was meant for.”
John Crowley

“…the range of [her] invention, and her capacity for engaging bizarre ideas in the exploration of deeply felt and deeply damaged characters, can be stunning.”
Locus Magazine

 “A unique new voice in short fiction – sharp writing and a wonderfully idiosyncratic imagination.”
Jeffrey Ford

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Forthcoming Novella The Rampant

The fabulous Aqueduct Press will be publishing my 135 page novella, The Rampant, as a stand alone paperback and ebook later this year! The Rampant is a queer-girls-in-love, coming-of-age short novel that involves a Sumerian Rapture in Southern Indiana. It’s also an intense narrative ride that is, by turns, harrowing, heartbreaking, and darkly funny.

Debut Collection Uncommon Miracles

A grieving man travels through time via car crash. A family of matriarchs collects recipes for the dead. A woman gains an unexpected child in the midst of a bunny apocalypse. An outcast finds work in a magical slaughterhouse. Julie C. Day’s debut collection is rife with dark and twisted tales made beautiful by her gorgeous prose and wonderfully idiosyncratic imagination. Melding aspects of Southern Gothic and fabulism, and utilizing the author’s own scientific background, Day’s carefully rendered settings are both delightful and unexpected. Whether set in a uniquely altered version of Florida’s Space Coast or a haunted island off the coast of Maine, each story in this collection carries its own brand of meticulous and captivating weirdness.


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Available in hardcover, signed limited edition, and ebook.
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Featured Free Short Stories

How many stitches do human lips require to hold the soul inside? Alicia tries to help her sister finally discover the truth.
Split Lip Magazine (2018)
Fiction of the Week at Longform Fiction

There isn’t a city in the world that generates more prayers per capita than the city of Farsdale, Massachusetts.
“The Thirteen Tuesdays of Saint Anthony”
Farrago’s Wainscot (2015)

A secret family history, a unique farm, and a daughter who can’t find her place in this particular world.
“The Rocket Farmer”
Interzone 271 (2017)
Podcastle ( 2018 Reprint)

Elijah was the younger brother, and Callie was the older sister who sent handwritten notes to the dead. 
“One Thousand Paper Cranes”
Kaleidotrope (2017)

Two brothers compete to create the first portal to the stars.
“Holes in Heaven”
Isthmus No.4 (2016)
Eunoia Review (2016 reprint)
5-star rating in the The Review Review