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Weird Dream Society Anthology: An Anthology In Support of RAICES

Playful, whimsical, or dark, but always thoughtful and tinged with the inexplicably weird, the Weird Dream Society brings together some of the most innovative creators in speculative fiction.

Proceeds from this charity anthology go to support RAICES, the nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families, and refugees.

As both Editor-In-Chief and a contributor, I’ve been working for the past year with a team of like-minded people putting together this anthology. Check out Episode 71 of The Outer Dark podcast where I join Anya Martin for an episode dedicated to the anthology.  The episode includes an interview with me ( 0:00:47 — 0:25:57) along with 7 author readings from the book.

Release Date: May 26, 2020
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The Rampant A 2019 Lambda Award Finalist

THE RAMPANT, my dark fantasy novella released by Aqueduct Press is a 2019 Lambda Literary Award finalist!

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What others are saying

“Equal parts playful and heartbreaking, this apocalyptic novella offers one-of-a-kind answers about the end of the world….This clever and surprisingly fun take on the rapture is the perfect theological horror story.” 
— Publishers Weekly

Latest Published Short Story

There is nothing as uncomfortable as feeling physically alone. Sonia kept her head up, hands at her sides, loose and ready, instead of jammed inside her coat pockets, listening: boots against cobblestones, a splash of water displaced, a cough—not hers, but nearby. //so full of doom and gloom. since when did that help anything, love? If she’d been asked to draw a map of the human condition as it related to the twisting streets of Driesch, the street Sonia currently traversed would be the space between the Safety of Hope, otherwise known as the Night Market, and the Comfort of Dreams, that attic space on Fallstaff Street that Sonia called home.
“Speculative Execution”
The Way of the Laser: Future Crime Stories (2020)

Featured Short Stories You Can Read Online

How many stitches do human lips require to hold the soul inside? Alicia tries to help her sister finally discover the truth.
Split Lip Magazine (2018)
Fiction of the Week at Longform Fiction
Ellen Datlow’s full recommended list for 2019 (from Best Horror of the Year volume Eleven) 

There isn’t a city in the world that generates more prayers per capita than the city of Farsdale, Massachusetts.
“The Thirteen Tuesdays of Saint Anthony”
Farrago’s Wainscot (2015)

A secret family history, a unique farm, and a daughter who can’t find her place in this particular world.
“The Rocket Farmer”
Interzone 271 (2017)
Podcastle ( 2018 Reprint)

Elijah was the younger brother, and Callie was the older sister who sent handwritten notes to the dead. 
“One Thousand Paper Cranes”
Kaleidotrope (2017)