Speculative Execution

Speculative Execution

“Speculative Execution”
The Way of the Laser: Future Crime Stories
Vernacular Books
Eds. Eric M. Bosarge, Joe M. McDermott
June 25, 2020
ISBN 978-1952283000


First Lines

Fallstaff Node


>>Local Session Initiated

>>Serial connection established


Consciousness 1×63:“Please—That’s not my name.”

Consciousness 1×63:“God. Is it supposed to hurt…?”

Jayant: “Felix, Branch prediction now 59%.”

Consciousness 1×63:“Ah. You’re just hoping this path will actually trigger.”

Consciousness 1×63: “My body must still be attached.”

Jayant: “Quiet.”


The Anthology

The Future of Crime…

It used to be if someone wanted to mug you, they had to look you in the face and make a threat. Not anymore. Hackers can wipe a bank account without ever having to risk drawing blood. Bad people use technology for personal gain. Nothing’s new about that. What is new is the ways technology opens up opportunities for exploitation.

New technology is coming on-line all the time, creating new opportunities for creative criminals and dissidents. Stolen elections, companies held hostage by hackers, and acts of terror have all been committed with technology that didn’t exist a few short years ago.

Join leading edge speculative fiction authors on an exciting walk into darkness where people and machines plunder, cheat, kill, and steal in ways we can’t even imagine with tools that may not even exist, yet. But, they’re coming.


Praise for the Anthology

“As I read, I kept my eyes open for various stories I could mention specifically as some of my favorites. Before I was even halfway through, however, I found that was impossible. Each one is a wonder” –Joe Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review. 5 Stars.


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