The Faces Between Us

The Faces Between Us

“The Faces Between Us”
Podcastle 386
Eds. Rachael K. Jones, Graeme Dunlop
October 20, 2015


“A highly strung story that highballs through this review’s main pitch, full of pithy meanings….this shortish [story] jabs out a staccato sense that I “snort” straight through Neil Williamson’s golden nose into my brain…”

–Des Lewis, Dreamcatcher Real-Time Reviews


First Lines

Drive long enough and you can find anything. Copper-eyed goddesses. Gilded August afternoons. That arid stretch of Oregonian high desert in the southeastern corner of the state. Keep driving and you might catch something even more precious—a path through. Perhaps even a fairy-tale ending. That’s what Amber promised me during that long ago summer.

Didn’t matter. Back then the girl could have said almost anything and I wouldn’t have listened.


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