Florida Miracles

Florida Miracles

“Florida Miracles”
Interzone 261
Ed. Andy Cox
November 2, 2015


“Another father-daughter relationship….I got a great feeling from this story’s complex and mature vision masked initially as a tale about young people self-harming with knives…”

–Des Lewis, Dreamcatcher Real-Time Reviews


First Lines

Esta, it’s extremely important that David and his razorblade join us, Mrs. Henry tells me. Don’t fret, child. He’ll barely notice the blood.

“Three days,” I say. I grab a slice of pizza from the box on the coffee table, then glance at David and his blood-spattered paper towel. It’s gotten to the point that David barely winces when he draws the blade across his skin.

Tonight’s distraction, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, mutters in the background.


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