Flyover Country

Flyover Country

“Flyover Country”
TTA Press
Ed. Andy Cox
January 1, 2020 Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for January 2020

First Lines

The Future Arrives

Lovers are like flash floods, car collisions, aneurysms: always a possibility but never exactly expected. A small-plane pilot for AeroFix Corp, Sam arrived in my bed via a tray of purple pansies and a convoy of trucks intent on invading the Verona Municipal Airport.



“It meanders and explores, unfolding slowly, then all at once you can’t turn away.”
– “Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction: January 2020”

“The Jan/Feb 2020 issue of Interzone #285 is out in the first week of January and has the usual excellent stories.”


The Magazine

Interzone is Britain’s longest running science fiction and fantasy magazine.

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