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Stories of Driesch (WIP)

Stories of Driesch is a series of inteconnected stories set in the city of Driesch. In this cyberpunk-ish city, consciousness is a commodity. And the self is an augmented, fractured creation. Death detectives work with memories in storied Limm-Glass. Children are outfitted with secondary Glassed-personalities. Black market operators acquire and trade virtual Glassed-slaves, and man-made tools utilize modified and unmodified versions of both the  living & the dead.

The Rampant

The Rampant

The Rampant (Aqueduct Press) is a Lambda Literary Award finalist.

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“Equal parts playful and heartbreaking, this apocalyptic novella offers one-of-a-kind answers about the end of the world...This clever and surprisingly fun take on the rapture is the perfect theological horror story.” 
— Publishers Weekly

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Uncommon Miracles

My genre-bending, debut collection Uncommon Miracles (PS Publishing).

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“The range of [her] invention, and her capacity for engaging bizarre ideas in the exploration of deeply felt and deeply damaged characters, can be stunning.”
—Locus Magazine

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