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Stories of Driesch

Stories of Driesch (Vernacular Books, ongoing) is a series of 12 stories set in the city of Driesch. In this cyberpunk-ish city, consciousness is a commodity. And the self is an augmented, fractured creation. Death detectives work with memories in storied Limm-Glass. Children are outfitted with secondary Glassed-personalities. Black market operators acquire and trade virtual Glassed-slaves, and man-made tools utilize modified and unmodified versions of both the  living & the dead.

Each chapter is a self-contained story available to read on the Vernacular Books website or to purchase as an ebook.

When all 12 chapters are completed, Stories of Driesch will be published by Vernacular Books (ebook and print).

The Rampant

The Rampant

The Rampant (Aqueduct Press) is a Lambda Literary Award finalist.

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“Equal parts playful and heartbreaking, this apocalyptic novella offers one-of-a-kind answers about the end of the world...This clever and surprisingly fun take on the rapture is the perfect theological horror story.” 
— Publishers Weekly

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Uncommon Miracles

My genre-bending, debut collection Uncommon Miracles (PS Publishing).

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“The range of [her] invention, and her capacity for engaging bizarre ideas in the exploration of deeply felt and deeply damaged characters, can be stunning.”
—Locus Magazine

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