Published Stories


My collection Uncommon Miracles is forthcoming from PS Publishing this October.
Pre-order is now available!

Featured Short Fiction

I’ve published over thirty short stories. Below are a few of my personal favorites you can find online.
Feel free to glance over my complete bibliography here.


Split Lip Magazine (2018)
Fiction of the Week at Longform Fiction


“The Re’em Song”
Interzone 258 (2015)
Pantheon Magazine ( 2016 Reprint)


“The Thirteen Tuesdays of Saint Anthony”
Farrago’s Wainscot (2015)


“Holes in Heaven”
Isthmus No.4 (2016)
Eunoia Review (2016 reprint)
5-star rating in the The Review Review


“One Thousand Paper Cranes”
Kaleidotrope (2017)