Hate has nothing to do with it. Honest!

Hate has nothing to do with it. Honest!

Okay, I love to write fiction, but, dear lord, I really loath writing about myself. It’s much more fun to chat *together* over a glass of just about anything. Oh, and eat chocolate as I plan escape routes to my new obsession, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. But that, my friends, is an entirely different topic…

Today’s blog post is about none of those things. It’s all about catching up,in a sweetly and simplistic list format. So here’s what’s happened since we last talked:

1. I started a new day-job in June.

2. My story “Paradigm Shift” came out in Electric Velocipede 26.

3. I started dyeing my hair on a regular basis and learned about the power of restorative hair oil on chemically-damaged hair.

4. My story “The Death of Love Project” came out in Swamp Biscuits and Tea.

5. I tried to create a writing nook at home. It includes a butcher block that doubles as my standing desk, press-on chalkboard squares, and a long red curtains with trailing ends also know as “the cat’s second bed.”

6. My story “Unmaking” was published in Weave Magazine 09.

7. I attended ReaderCon for the very first time and 1) had a blast but 2) did not have that special something called sleep.

8. A cappella Zoo’s Bestiary anthology, which includes my story “Finding Your Way to the Coast,” got a rave review in NewPages.

9. I signed up to a be part of group reading at Food For Thought Books in Amherst, Massachusetts on September 27th (more to come on this one).

10. I fell in love with Grand Manan Island and now I want to marry it, move in together and adopt at least ten dogs. Okay, so not exactly, but I do want to go back–often. I’ve even started reading about the Canadian rules around health care, length of stay and etc. Man, ain’t obsessive love grand..?

11. My story “Paradigm Shift” was reviewed online in Short Story Review.

Done, I say with not a little amazement. Lists make all this “talking about myself” so much easier! Now it’s time to drink a little tea, stand at a tall table, and attempt some more fantastical fictions…

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