Podcasting, Baby!

My internship with Small Beer Press continues. I have actually reached podcast number eight. This is the first podcast introduction where I actually talk about myself (just a little tiny bit). I listened to Starship Sofa for the first time a few weeks ago and suddenly realized it’s okay. I can acknowledge that I actually exist, that I have a life and opinions and, yes, even germs, when introducing the show.

In other news, I’m a tender morsel of bruise at the moment. As usual I have too much going on: podcasting, editing of stories and novellas and multiple critique groups along with work and children and my ever suffering spouse. My supposedly tough-leather ego has thinned to the papery-thin texture of a ninety-three year old.  Naw, I lie. I’ve never been leather tough, but on good days I actually come close to callused. Not now. My ability to deflect the negative (otherwise known as whistling in the ol’ wind) has dropped precipitously. It’s just too damn windy out there. Tornado watch conditions. Ugh. As a result everything has slowed to a crawl. Can’t wait to get over it all ready and move back to that sunny place.

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