Visibly Silent

Visibly Silent

Where the hell have I been?, where I blog with some fabulous writing friends, and my own are like sleeping crickets at the moment. It seems I can’t even be bothered to rub my own legs together and generate a line or two of music.

See, it’s busy times elsewhere in my life. Despite my quiet demeanor, it seems I am more like my five year old than a handshake and a quick conversation would lead you to believe. I am a woman of enthusiams. My current enthusiams along with a half-dozen unbreakable commitments, such as work, children and sleep, have led to my current virtual lag. A quick rundown? Of course. I’d be happy to share…

The Fiction of Others:

In the last few months I have discovered the fiction of Benjamin Rosenbaum, the existence of World Read Aloud Day and entered into two separate critique group “experiments.” Working with great writers makes me better (Well, as a writer anyway). I’ve started sharing with some damn fine people: C. Liddle, Jennifer Abeles, Michael J DeLuca, Ian Withrow, and Adam Gallardo. As long as they’re willing to keep me around, I’ll happily cringe while they point out all the crap I try to get away and explain why I just need to stop that shit.

Writing Group Hint: Always start your critique with the phrase “in the current draft.” It gives the author a kick in the butt to rewrite and actually finish the story. It also gives the critiquer license to point out all those flaws a tenderhearted, creative type would prefer to ignore. Of course the baby already has ten toes and ten fingers. How the hell could anyone miss them all?

Other Enthusiams of the Moment:

I’m still podcasting for Small Beer Press. In fact my latest podcast just went up last night. You can check out all of my podcasts on the Small Beer site. You can even subscribe on iTunes. This week’s podcast is all about how I learned to like beer. Well, okay, not really. It’s about Maureen McHugh’s “The Naturalist,” zombie plans and, yes, beer. Thanks to my current podcasting duties, I have learned that I like Mexican ryes and the devil’s own aged brew, Mephistopheles’ Stout.

There’s even actually writing going on (of the non-podcasting variety). I’ve finished a draft of my novella, “The Rampant” and I’m currently writing my M.F.A. thesis. In fact, the first draft is due this weekend. Really. No doubt the reason I’m writing this blog post. Finishing that last page of my preface feels rather like a dental cleaning. You feel like a baby. After all it’s not really all that bad. No drills. No extractions. No shots of any kind. Still, you just can’t stand it. At least I can’t. Thankfully, by the end of the weekend the essay will be out to my thesis adviser and I can move on to editing my unicorn-slaughter love story. Good times.

My next plan is to start posting my submission stats. That, however, will have to wait until I finish the thesis. Soon, my friends, soon. Meanwhile checkout the podcast or just the beer, and send me a line if you think there’s a beer that goes perfectly with particular brand of fiction. I am interested.




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