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“Pretty Little Boxes” — Resurrection House’s Anthology XIII (March 2015)

My story “Pretty Little Boxes” was published in the Resurrection House anthology XIII in March 2015.

First Lines: Boxes surround us. Every night Barry builds more walls, fastens more lids. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I slip down the hall to his workroom and watch. His eyes remain focused on the contents of his bench: the wood, the pulped flowers and all those dying insects—the grasshoppers, the damsel flies, the hissing cockroaches—that will eventually make up the lining of each petal-and-limb box. 

Editor:  Mark Teppo

Cover Design: Jennifer Tough

Jacket Description: The thirteenth Tarot card is Death, and he is … Read more

Greetings from the Other Side of the Screen

Welcome to my sandbox. This is the blog of me, Julie C. Day. It is full of cobwebs and dust bunnies and the occasional glimmer of activity. Today it has this dazzling new book jacket. My story “Pretty Little Boxes” is part of Resurrection House’s anthology XIII. I can’t believe the amazing company my story is keeping!

Feel free to browse my old posts and all the rest of this site’s electronic ephemera. I make sure to keep my publications page up to date and my Twitter feed has been carefully inserted over there to the right.

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