“Pretty Little Boxes” — Resurrection House’s Anthology XIII (March 2015)

“Pretty Little Boxes” — Resurrection House’s Anthology XIII (March 2015)

My story “Pretty Little Boxes” was published in the Resurrection House anthology XIII in March 2015.

First Lines: Boxes surround us. Every night Barry builds more walls, fastens more lids. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I slip down the hall to his workroom and watch. His eyes remain focused on the contents of his bench: the wood, the pulped flowers and all those dying insects—the grasshoppers, the damsel flies, the hissing cockroaches—that will eventually make up the lining of each petal-and-limb box. 

Editor:  Mark Teppo

Cover Design: Jennifer Tough

Jacket Description: The thirteenth Tarot card is Death, and he is a symbol not of the end, but of transformation and rebirth. This is the genesis and root of Thirteen: Stories of Transformation. The twenty-eight authors of this collection are voices—new and old—who are not afraid to explore what comes next. Whether it be a life after death, a life without love, a life filled with hunger, or the life shared by a ghost. These are stories of the weird, the mythic, the fantastic, the futuristic, the supernatural, and the horrific.

The ghosts of the past have been eaten by the children of the future: this endless cycle of birth, death, and renewal is the magic of thirteen.

Do not fear change. Embrace it. Let Thirteen be the handbook for the new you.

Buy a copy of the anthology XIII where “Pretty Little Boxes” appeared: http://www.resurrectionhouse.com/up/thirteen/

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