“A Pinhole of Light” — Black Static (September 2016)

“A Pinhole of Light” — Black Static (September 2016)

My story “A Pinhole of Light” was published in the September 2016 issue of Black Static.

First Lines


Like this life, the afterlife is unfair. A woman dies at twenty-nine and leaves her infant daughter behind. Eight years later she is still trapped on the other side. When I’m in my happiest frame of mind, I imagine Veronica searching for my darkroom each time I turn on the blood-red light. In my darkest moments, I know I’m failing her. She still hasn’t arrived.

I’m an experienced photographer. I should be able to do better.

Forget ghost stories and the spiritual emanations reported at places like Gettysburg and Edinburgh Castle. Forget death’s cricket song: the sound that slips across no matter what we living humans do. True paths between this world and the next appeared less than two hundred years ago when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce developed the first photograph.



“It’s a gorgeously written story, one which melds aspects of magical realism and a southern gothic flavour to beautiful and immersive effect. Ultimately, it’s a story about obsession, love, loss, and sorrow, and would work just as well as an even longer piece; indeed, the level of detail and wealth of invented mythology virtually demand this.”

–Paul Michaels, This Is Horror


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Buy a copy of Black Static, the British dark fantasy magazine where “A Pinhole of Light” appeared (Issue 54): http://ttapress.com/blackstatic/backissues/

Art work by Richard Wagner.


  1. Mike O'Driscoll


    Just read your story ‘A Pinhole of Light’ in Black Static #54 and was blown away. A subtle, engaging exploration of grief and family ties with a powerful emotional undercurrent. I loved the note of hope on which the story ended, particularly in light of the momentous events of yesterday, 9th November. Look forward to reading ore by you.

  2. Julie Day


    Thank you so much, Mike. This was a lovely “thing” during a very hard day. I’ve been told my writing is too bleak to appeal to a large readership. I am so glad you saw the hope that also sits at the heart of at least some of my stories. I’m currently avoiding writing the dark-but-hopeful end to novella I’ve been working on. I need to take a breath and remember all those lessons I learned as a child in southern Indiana. The heart and soul of a person is always very much their own. A happily-every-after moment is not necessary to move forward.

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me!



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