WisCon Bound!

WisCon Bound!

In less than a week I will attend my first WisCon along with three other members of my critique group: Emily B. Cataneo, Sarah Read, and Kathrin Kohler! We will also be sharing quarters together. Ummmm, I may have to go light on the eyeliner for a few days despite my no doubt low levels of sleep. Somehow I always feel that eyeliner hides all signs of fatigue…An acknowledged weakness.

WisCon is a 1,000-member science fiction convention with a feminist/social justice focus. I’ll be moderating two panels on Friday as well as participating in a group reading on Saturday afternoon! I’m really looking forward to meeting my fabulous writing friend, Sarah Read, live and in person. I swear to the gods that we will get along just as well in person as we do via our various e-connections. Writing does that I think. If you’re working with someone, and the writing connection is there, the rest is pretty much fine.


My WisCon Schedule!

Event Title: 10,000 Worlds; 10,000 Feminisms: What Even IS Feminist Science Fiction Anyway?

Description: Panelist and Moderator
Schedule: Fri, 2:30–3:45 pm
Readers: Julie C. Day. Jackie Gross (ladyjax), Lauren Lacey, Kiini Ibura Salaam
Tweet: #10000Worlds


Event Title: SFnal Lessons for an Authoritarian Moment

Description: Panelist and Moderator
Location: Conference 1
Schedule: Fri, 9:00–10:15 pm
Readers: Julie C. Day. Katie Sapede, Talks-with-wind
Tweet: #SFnalLessons


Event Title: All Our Favorite Nightmares, Obsessions, and Inhuman Familiars

Description: Group Reading
Location: Michelangelo’s Coffee House
Schedule: Sat, 4:00–5:15 pm
Readers: Emily B. Cataneo, Julie C. Day, Kathrin Kohler, Sarah Read
Tweet: #FaveNightmares

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