Pantheon  Magazine TOC Released!

Pantheon Magazine TOC Released!

The table of contents for forthcoming issue of Pantheon magazine has just been released. The Hestia issue of Pantheon magazine includes a reprint of my story “The Re’em Song,” originally published in Interzone #258.

Hestia also includes a story by David Tallerman, a writer I’ve shared the TOC with twice before, along with a host of other great authors. The complete TOC is below.

“Orphans” by Amanda Gowin
“The Clawfoot Requiem” by Gwnedolyn Kiste
“Knock Knock” by David Tallerman
“The Visiphorical Art” by Michelle Ann King
“The Re’em Song” by Julie C. Day
“Tunnel Vision by” Tim Major
“The Helpfulness of Those Who Cannot Help” by Amanda McTigue
“1416 DeForested Lane” by Sherri Cook Woosley
“The Scent of Roses in the New World” by Rhoads Brazos
“No Lying When We’re All Dying” by H. L. Nelson
“Top 20 Exotic Pets that Frighten Away Intruders” by S. R. Mastrantone

Poetry by Teresa Mei Chuc, Simon Cockle, Tamara Gantt, Sandi Leibowitz, Donald Illich, Mohineet Boparai


  1. Julie Day

    Sherri, one of my favorite things about landing in a new publication is “meeting” all the other writers and their work. I’m looking forward to reading your work!

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