Covering Up

Covering Up

Friday I’ve booked a three-hour session with a set of tattoo needles. Sort of surprising considering my aversion to pain. My last and, until now, only tattoo, was a flash-art selection made at midnight on a Saturday after too many beers. Providence, Rhode Island and the intern at my then-job both also played a prominent role. Good times.

So after all these years, I thought I might touch it up a little. A gryphen is nice and all, especially with the advent of Harry Potter. But perhaps, I thought, it was time to personalize that body art.

I should have known I was in for trouble when the shop asked me to book a “consult” prior to my appointment. We chatted for ten minutes, and, before I knew it, the blobby sketch I’d handed over wasn’t in the least bit relevant. In the end, it was the guy’s use of the phrase “new kick-ass gryphon” that really haunted me. Concerned I was headed for Harry Potter Mock 2.0, I emailed the guy some images including the one below. Irridescent beetle, I said. Feathers instead of a quill, I clarified. Weird, I suggested, rather than kick-ass.

Friday we’ll all know how things actually turned out.

Irridescent Beetle

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