The Re’em Song

“The Re’em Song”
Far-Fetched Fables
Ed. Gary Dowell


“…a love that reminds me constructively…of the love threading through ‘The Buried Giant’ ambiance of Kazuo Ishiguro’s new novel…and vice versa from Day to Ishiguro.”

–Des Lewis, Dreamcatcher Real-Time Reviews


First Lines

Of course, leaving was easy.

“The same damned people, the same damn trees, even the same damn work, all our God-fearing lives. Do you really think we would have married if there’d been even a handful to choose from?”

Jaw bones and sections of vertebrae hung from the rafters of their house. Ribs and phalanges contained in carefully sewn skins were piled outside, waiting to be shipped off. And always there were the horns calling from somewhere deep in the woods.


The Magazine

Far-Fetched Fables is a weekly fantasy podcast producing audio performances of fantasy short fiction, including the bizarre and surreal.

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