Julie C. Day

Stories of Driesch: A Novel in 12 Parts

Stories of Driesch (Vernacular Books) is a series of 12 stories set in the city of Driesch. In this cyberpunk-ish city, consciousness is a commodity. And the self is an augmented, fractured creation. Death detectives work with memories in storied Limm-Glass. Children are outfitted with secondary Glassed-personalities. Black market operators acquire and trade virtual Glassed-slaves, and man-made tools utilize modified and unmodified versions of both the  living & the dead.

Each chapter is a self-contained story available to read on the Vernacular Books website or to purchase as an ebook.

When all 12 chapters are completed, Stories of Driesch will be published by Vernacular Books (ebook and print).

Chapter 4

“We Girls: Stories of Driesch 4”

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Glass ghost girls are trained in the factory, each a copy of the same core consciousness, but cut, adjusted, molded to shape the needs of the buyer. Girl is just a consciousness inside a machine, forced by her handler to become the perfect factory worker. But, she knows Beecher and Alt-L are looking for her. She knows there has to be a way out.

First Lines
The people of the city of Driesch are no different from other human beings. From their genesis, the personal memories of Driesch’s residents are tangled with sensory events: that first acrid scent of smoke as it rises from the factory’s soot-stained chimney is inexorably tied to the feel of your sweaty palm pressed to his—the two of you linked—as you listen to your Auntie’s quiet sobs. How could it be otherwise? Whether a Glassed mind, purely organic, or something in between, consciousness is a sensory experience. Loss and chemical smoke forever entangled. At least, until that particular snarl of personal memory and sensory input is excised, altered, intertwined with something new.

“Careful,” the man says. “Adjustment in progress.”

Previous Stories in the Driesch Cycle

Stories of Driesch

“Shattered: Stories of Driesch 1” 

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Elham is my best and only living friend.

In another city at another time Elham would have been a respected craftsperson, a borosilicate glass blower who mastered the sweltering heat of both torch and kiln to form her own private vision of caretaker bead, memory vase, and family ring. But this is Driesch and Elham’s power, the thing that buoys her through the city’s many pitfalls, isn’t her glass work, it’s her mind…. (cont.)

The Night Fishers

“The Night Fishers: Stories of Driesch 2”

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After three seasons in the city, Izabeth is finally visiting Driesch’s Night Market. In preparation, she’s done what she can to blend. Displaying weaknesses is never a winning strategy. Though the burns on Izabeth’s neck and chest throb, she’s left them uncovered. Her shirt sleeves are rolled up, revealing the glass beads she’s cut into the flesh of both wrists. As she strides along Rua Lavinia, Izabeth’s bruised body feels stiff, but at least she looks sure of her destination.

“Do Not Fragment: Stories of Driesch 3”

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In the backrooms of the South Shields Glass Factory Workers Club, a dangerous game is about to begin. Night Fishers and thrill-seekers and desperate newcomers gather to release a consciousness from its Glass. The Plan: hunt the AI as it runs loose in the network. The loser? That’s supposed to be the Glassed consciousness, as they are broken, fragmented, dissolved.