My Podcast Narration of Mary Rickert’s “Cold Fires” Now Available

The latest Small Beer Press podcast is finally out! Episode #21 involved some fun and some not so fun. First the fun: in order to select a story for the podcast, I *had* to read Mary Rickert’s new collection You Have Never Been Here. It was one of the best collections I’ve read in quite some time. And the stories just get better on reread.

And now the not so fun: narrating the podcast involved recording around the barks of of our rather spastic greyhound. Yes, greyhounds generally don’t bark, and yes one of our greyhounds has clearly aligned … Read more

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Despite an Exploding Stress-brain, It’s Been a Good Week!

Work is driving me mad at the moment, non-writing, non-family work. In that I am like ninety-plus percent of the planet. So complaints end here. After all, the writing and the family and, yes, all those people I call friends, add up to one weighty package of awesome. And it really has been a surprisingly good week.

First on the list: accolades! My Paris-gargoyle-suicide story, “Finding Your Way to the Coast” was selected by guest editor, Gina Oschner, for the fifth-anniversary, best-of issue of A cappella Zoo. Totally unexpected. I read the email in a local and crowded … Read more

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Publications, The Next Big Thing, and Podcasts

The Colored Lens: Winter 2013I don’t blog nearly as much as I text, FB and tweet. Speaking in person is also one of my frequent activities.  I try though. I really do. I want to communicate. Why else would I choose to be a fiction writer? But when my day job compresses one hemisphere of my brain and my WIP eats up two months of dream time, my poor blog slips below the waves without a sound. Now that draft one of the novella is done and the holidays have passed, it seems a little resuscitation is in order.

My Latest News in Brief … Read more

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