New Fiction and Some Hoping

New Fiction and Some Hoping

Okay, I don’t blog very successfully, by which I mean I don’t do it often enough. But why not change that right now? That’s what I’m asking myself this morning. Quick posts, that’s all it takes, right?

So here goes ….

My flash piece “Drinking Grandma’s Tea” is one of the two stories up on Bartleby Snopes this week. There’s some sort of voting thing at the end of the month. The winning piece (or pieces, I’m not really sure) will be included in a print edition. Something along those lines anyway. Voting, winning, printing. Those are all good verbs. How could they not be? Truth is, as my writing friends can attest, I generally love any verb ending in ing.

Gerund might be the fancy term for such verbs, but like much jargon, you don’t have to understand the term, gerund, to understand the meaning. In fact, you, being the lovely person that you are, probably appreciate a good ing verb yourself.

Here’s hoping! (Trust me, I can hear the groans from here.)


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