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Publications, The Next Big Thing, and Podcasts

The Colored Lens: Winter 2013I don’t blog nearly as much as I text, FB and tweet. Speaking in person is also one of my frequent activities.  I try though. I really do. I want to communicate. Why else would I choose to be a fiction writer? But when my day job compresses one hemisphere of my brain and my WIP eats up two months of dream time, my poor blog slips below the waves without a sound. Now that draft one of the novella is done and the holidays have passed, it seems a little resuscitation is in order.

My Latest News in Brief (Aka things I really should have blogged about):

This morning I discovered a second story of mine is out in the world! (Three more are forthcoming.) The Colored Lens, an emag, published “China Island.” I wrote it before I started my M.F.A. program. In fact it’s one of the things that got me in. Anyway…It’s set on a Maine island in winter. Creepy, melancholy and worrisome are all good descriptors. The ending is likely as close as I get to the classic happy ending. (Warning: it’s not terribly close.) If you’re interested in a read, you can find it at Amazon.com. It’s even free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

In other under-reported news, my younger child and I recorded a special introduction to Episode #15 of the Small Beer podcast. In my family, we read a lot of YA novels together, but Lydia Millet’s Dissenters series is one of the few both of my children love equally. The Younger Child did a terrific job. He even gave me editorial suggestions for our two minute clip…

My writing friend and comrade-in-arms, Angela Still, included me in her Next Big Thing post! Angela and I share our weekly writing goals each week, and even better, make sure the pressure isn’t getting either of us down. Plus the woman has the best tattoo I have ever seen: a single peacock feather than runs diagonally across her back.

Finally, I’ve just finished another podcast. God, I hate to make promises, but I will and I do. I will blog about it once it goes live. And, I swear on the stars and the heavens and the heads of my crazy addled cats, I will actually get my own Next Big Thing post up soon.  Well, it is the internet. I can always edit those last few sentences if it turns out they aren’t entirely true…


Interviewing Jennifer Stevenson and My First Publication

I don’t want to calculate how long it took from recording the actual interview to broadcasting it in episode #13 of the Small Beer Press podcast, but I can’t help myself. My brain is wired for math: four months and two weeks. In between, I graduated from the Stonecoast M.F.A. program, watch my youngest child walk into school with the rest of his kindergarten class and published my first short story, “Finding Your Way to the Coast.” (now available in the fall 2012 issue of A cappella Zoo.) It was the first story I wrote for the Stonecoast M.F.A. program and I’m jazzed to finally have it out in print.

Jennifer Stevenson is the author of Trash Sex Magic and yet another Small Beer author I’ve gotten to meet as part of this podcasting adventure. If you want to listen to all the things we ended up talking about on the podcast, including, of course, sex, gender politics and taking notes on real-life events for fictional use, you can find it on the Small Beer site or iTunes.
Oh, and in a bit of creative mayhem, I have a couple of short stories in the Art & Words show Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth Texas on October 6th. I really wish I could be there. It was pure jet-fueled  excitement to create stories in collaboration with other people’s artwork. Guest readers will be reading pieces as part of the show. If you’re in the Fort Worth area, consider stopping by, then let me know how it went!
Despite our 24/7 culture, it feels like the wrong season for blogging. Autumn is for settling inward. It’s for home and long moments staring out at the rain. It’s for finding ways to work from home whenever possible. I wonder, am I the only one who feels tied to the seasons in this electronic age? Perhaps seasonally-affected blogging will be the next classified “disorder”?

Yes, that’s my voice you hear

So under “other reasons I’m not blogging regularly”: I still host the Small Beer podcast. I just put up an interview I did with John Kessel and I couldn’t be more thrilled: firstly because we had a lot to talk about and secondly because, after many hours of labor, I finally finished the track.  Yes, once again I hit some unforeseen technical issue and ended up spending far too much time editing the audio so that it was “presentable.”

If only I could slap a little make-up on those audio files and call it a day…

If you want to hear a far-reaching discussion on everything from feminist moon colonies to Ender’s Game, you can find it here.

If you want to check out my other Small Beer podcasts, you can find them here.

One other big reason I haven’t been blogging is that it feels like a crutch when I’m trying to find my way into a new story.

“Sure, I’m writing.  I just blogged, didn’t I?”

“No, Julie, you did not.  Blogging is a type of fiction, sure, but not the formal constructs of short story, novella or novel.”

I can be rather harsh on myself at times…

Things I’m researching for my latest short story include: Gila Bend, Arizona,  the formation of both protostars and binary stars and the artwork found in the Phoenix Museum of Art.  Rufino Tamayo’s  Dos figuras in rojo is pretty damn fine.

Rufino Tamayo, Dos figuras en rojo (Two Figures in Red)