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The Autumn Blues: GroupGrok and Other Mistresses

I’m currently experiencing Silver Medalist Syndrome. I just receive a wonderfully complimentary personal rejection from the Missouri Review.  Lots of lovely words were followed by the word “no.” A year ago I would have been thrilled, now it makes me head for the hot cocoa. Over the last few months, along with the slew of form rejections, I’ve received a handful of “almosts” and an acceptance of an old flash piece to a magazine whose Fall 2011 issue seems just a little overdue.

Why haven’t I been blogging? I’m sure that’s the question early mornings at the Kuerig coffee machine. … Read more

Learning Hurts My Brain

I’m spent more time than I want to admit (at least to my writing self) working through the basics of creating a reasonable vocal track.  God, I’m even using terms like “vocal track” and “gain.” Don’t be fooled.  I am stilling scraping forward to even a rudimentary understanding of what the heck I’m actually doing.

This then is my final pass.  I’ve recorded half of J. M. McDermott’s “Death’s Shed,” editing as best I can.  I will record the second half this weekend, using my current level of middle-school-boy finesse.

So what are my current “best practices” and why am … Read more

Audio Quality Tests: Yes, It’s a Testing Tizzy

My first recording seemed like it went well–for a first recording.  And really that’s the problem.  If SB Press (and later on, perhaps, just little ol’ me on my own blog) publish audio, it needs to be better than a “good first attempt.”

So I went ahead and purchased a snowball mic.  Jim Kelly, podcaster extraordinaire, agreed to listen to my first attempts with the old mic and give me an assessment. (Yes, he is a terrific guy.)  He noticed two big things 1) too much background noise and 2) my s’s were far too prominent.   He suggested I adjust … Read more