“The Church of Forgotten Gods” — A cappella Zoo (January 2015)

My story “The Church of Forgotten Gods” was published in the January 2015 issue of A cappella Zoo.

First Line: Lehia’s skin glowed like copper-tainted gold, the campfire re-forming her rounded face in a series of shadow masks, transforming her more completely than any Halloween mask or costume in the annual school play. 

Buy a copy of A cappella Zoo, the slipstream and magical realism print magazine where “The Church of Forgotten Gods” appeared (Issue 14): http://www.acappellazoo.com/order

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Greetings from the Other Side of the Screen

Welcome to my sandbox. This is the blog of me, Julie C. Day. It is full of cobwebs and dust bunnies and the occasional glimmer of activity. Today it has this dazzling new book jacket. My story “Pretty Little Boxes” is part of Resurrection House’s anthology XIII. I can’t believe the amazing company my story is keeping!

Feel free to browse my old posts and all the rest of this site’s electronic ephemera. I make sure to keep my publications page up to date and my Twitter feed has been carefully inserted over there to the right.

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“The Faces Between Us” — Interzone (September 2014)

My story “The Faces Between Us” was published in the September 2014 issue of Interzone.

First Lines: Drive long enough and you can find anything. Copper-eyed goddesses. Gilded August afternoons. That arid stretch of Oregonian high desert in the southeastern corner of the state.

Buy a copy of Interzone, the British fantasy and science fiction magazine where “The Faces Between Us” appeared (Issue 254): http://ttapress.com/interzone/backissues/

Art work by Brian Pierce.… Read more

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