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If you wander over to my Published Stories page, you’ll find all my stories, including upcoming publications. That list includes links to online magazines, print journals, and podcasts. If you want to buy, sample, or follow an unexplored strand of the internet’s spiderweb, that’s the page for you.

Below are all the stories you can read online. They are available right this very second. No delivery or purchase required. The list includes some of the stories found in print magazines, which I’ve republished here on my blog.


  • “One Thousand Paper Cranes” Kaleidotrope Winter 2107 (free online)
  • “The Re’em Song” Interzone #258 May 2015, reprinted in Pantheon Magazine (free online)
  • “Holes in Heaven” Isthmus January 2016, reprinted in the Eunoia Review (free online)
  • “The Woman in the Woods” Necessary Fiction February 2016 (free online)
  • “The Thirteen Tuesdays of Saint Anthony” Farrago’s Wainscot October 2015 (free online)
  • “Raising Babies” Crack the Spine April 2015 (free online)
  • “Ghost Bubbles” Bartleby Snopes October 2014 (free online)
  • “The Faces Between Us” Interzone #254, reprinted in Podcastle #386 October 2015 (audio version free online)
  • “Drinking Grandma’s Tea” Bartleby Snopes July 2014 (free online)
  • “Faerie Medicine” Flapperhouse June 2014 (free online)
    –reprinted in Luna Station Quarterly #20 December 2014 (free online)
  • “The Death of Love Project” Swamp Biscuits and Tea May 2013 (free online)
  • “Paradigm Shift” Electric Velocipede March 2013 (free online)
  • “Crash Landing” Flashquake November 2011 (free online)


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