Covering Up

Friday I’ve booked a three-hour session with a set of tattoo needles. Sort of surprising considering my aversion to pain. My last and, until now, only tattoo, was a flash-art selection made at midnight on a Saturday after too many beers. Providence, Rhode Island and the intern at my then-job both also played a prominent role. Good times.

So after all these years, I thought I might touch it up a little. A gryphen is nice and all, especially with the advent of Harry Potter. But perhaps, I thought, it was time to personalize that body art.

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1890s Berlin–The Black Piglet

I’ve been staring at this particular picture for the last few weeks.

It’s the favorite table of Strindberg, Munch and a variety of other characters from 1890s Berlin.  It also happens to be the only table…  Notice the pools of spilled red wine and  folded cloth napkins, plus a Strindberg original on the wall.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Berlin 1894, The Black Piglet Wine Bar

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