Greetings from the Other Side of the Screen

Welcome to my sandbox. This is the blog of me, Julie C. Day. It is full of cobwebs and dust bunnies and the occasional glimmer of activity. Today it has this dazzling new book jacket. My story “Pretty Little Boxes” is part of Resurrection House’s anthology XIII. I can’t believe the amazing company my story is keeping!

Feel free to browse my old posts and all the rest of this site’s electronic ephemera. I make sure to keep my publications page up to date and my Twitter feed has been carefully inserted over there to the right.

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So in anticipation of rejections for two of my stories currently floating out there in the world, I revised them this weekend. I didn’t mean to do it. They are pretty tight already, but, Jesus, when I read them over, it seemed so obvious that this sentence needed moving and that sentence needed a slight trim.

So I guess I’m sort of hoping they get rejected, so the slightly altered versions are the ones that people (hopefully) eventually read? Could that be right? No, that is completely insane. But it seems to be my state of mind at the moment!… Read more

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The Faces Between Us or How I Discovered a New Kind of Crazy

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I never have enough time. I’m constantly tired. Yet I always manage to fit in writing–the good, the bad, and the absolute, soul-suckingly shitty. It’s what I do. These are not complaints, rather they are an explanation of my default condition.

And my partner and kids are pretty damn supportive.

If you’ve read my writing, it’ll come as no surprise that I tend to slip into anxious, and sad, and over-stretched if I’m not paying attention. Also not a big deal. I know myself pretty well, and so does my family. Sample conversation:… Read more

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