My Narration of Fiona Moore’s “Metaphor” is Now Up on StarShipSofa

The first of what I’m hoping are many narrations for StarShipSofa is now live.  I’m really glad they gave me this particular story. It is tense and unexpected and written with an meticulous attention to story-world details and story structure. Which is to say I spent the whole story both worried for the main character and intrigued by the strange, yet strangely familiar world, he inhabits. The story involves taverns, and obsessive rituals, and a determination by the protagonist to figure out what exactly is going on. The horror builds right up to the perfect ending.  You can listen to … Read more

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“The Woman in the Woods” Now Available Online

My story “The Woman in the Woods”—about the Orphan Trains, lost siblings, and the Iowa woods—is featured today on the the online magazine Necessary Fiction. Necessary Fiction publishes a new book review each Monday, a featured short story each Wednesday, a contribution to their Research Notes series each Friday, along with occasional interviews, essays, and other surprises.


First Lines: No matter how many times Horace told her different, Eliza knew her brother was wrong. The woman in the woods didn’t look the least bit dead. The woman in the woods looked beautiful. With her long flowing hair and … Read more

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My Podcast Narration of Mary Rickert’s “Cold Fires” Now Available

The latest Small Beer Press podcast is finally out! Episode #21 involved some fun and some not so fun. First the fun: in order to select a story for the podcast, I *had* to read Mary Rickert’s new collection You Have Never Been Here. It was one of the best collections I’ve read in quite some time. And the stories just get better on reread.

And now the not so fun: narrating the podcast involved recording around the barks of of our rather spastic greyhound. Yes, greyhounds generally don’t bark, and yes one of our greyhounds has clearly aligned … Read more

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